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3-Colour Imaging

Name : 3-Colour Imaging

Description :

The '3-Colour Imaging' workshop is a self-contained workshop that introduces students to the idea of creating 3-colour images using the Liverpool Telescope, and can be adapted to suit all secondary ages and abilities. Using the same techniques employed by professional astro-photographers, students will quickly learn how to use LTImage to combine images taken through different filters, in order to generate a representative colour image of the object being observed. The workshop brings together ICT, Physics and a little Art to make a colourful hour of discovery.

Age Range : 11 - 18 years

Workshop Time : 1 hour

Image of the Trifid Nebula (M20)


For this workshop you will need to download an introductory PowerPoint presentation, a step-by-step guide and/or video guide, and a set of image data that can be analysed using LTImage.

Introductory Presentation : MS PowerPoint [7.2 MB]

Introductory Presentation with Notes : PDF Format [6.9 MB]

3-colour Step-by-Step Guide : MS Word Format [1.6 MB] or PDF Format [1.8 MB]

Note: You may also find it useful to download the
3-colour video guide
[MP4 Format - 5.4 MB]

Data Files :

The following FITS files contain examples of images that can be combined using LTImage to make 3-colour pictures. They correspond to tasks detailed in the PowerPoint presentation.

Images of Terrestrial Objects to Get You Started   
Image of Ferry ferry-red.fits ferry-green.fits ferry-blue.fits
Image of York Castle yorkcastle-red.fits yorkcastle-green.fits yorkcastle-blue.fits
Images of Astronomical Objects from the Liverpool Telescope
Image of M1 (Crab Nebula) m1-red.fits m1-green.fits m1-blue.fits
Images Obtained by Schools, Teachers and Students
Image of NGC 2776 (Spiral Galaxy)
 - taken by Moulton School
2344E000.fits 2344E001.fits 2344E002.fits
Image of M57 (Nebula)
 - taken by Formby High School
2589I000.fits 2589I001.fits 2589I002.fits
Image of M27 (Nebula)
 - taken by Royal Observatory Greenwich (student)
3056H000.fits 3056H001.fits 3056H002.fits
Image of M51 (Spiral Galaxy)
 - taken by The Brooksbank School
2799D000.fits 2799D001.fits 2799D002.fits
Image of the Month Archive
 - a number of these are 3-colour images
You can download the FITS files from the archive directly. Just click on the link on the left.


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