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Hunting for Asteroids

Name : Hunting for Asteroids

Description :

The 'Hunting for Asteroids' activity is a self-contained Keystage 2, 3 and 4 workshop where students can look for asteroids within images taken by the Liverpool Telescope. Using the same techniques employed by professional astronomers, students will quickly learn how to detect real asteroids in real observations, and learn how to calculate the speed of those asteroids. The workshop combines ICT, Physics and Maths into a fun hour of discovery.

Age Range : 7 - 16 years

Workshop Time : 1 hour

Image of the asteroid Ida


For each project you will need to download a set of teacher notes, an introductory PowerPoint presentation, a set of student notes, and the image data to be analysed using LTImage.

Teacher Notes : MS Word Format or PDF Format

Introductory Presentation : MS PowerPoint

Student Notes:

Age 7-11 : MS Word Format or PDF Format
Age 11-16 : MS Word Format or PDF Format
More Able Tasks : MS Word Format or PDF Format

Data Files :

The first set of image files contain simulated asteroids, and are for training purposes.

ah-demo-1.fits ah-demo-2.fits ah-demo-3.fits ah-demo-4.fits
The second set of image files are real data relating to an LT search for the asteroid NEO 2001 GQ2.
ahunt-10-1-1.fits ahunt-10-1-2.fits ahunt-10-1-3.fits ahunt-10-1-4.fits


Please note that over the weekend of the 26-28th May 2017 we will be switching over to our brand new website - during this time there may be periods where the site is difficult to access, and users will be unable to request observations from the telescope. Please bear with us during this time. All should be back up and running by the 29th May 2017.