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B1 - Lunar Features

Task : B1 - Lunar Features

Description :

Produce a series of telescopic drawings and/or photographs of three lunar surface features. Use them to show their changing appearance at different lunar phases.

Time :

Design - 2 hours

Observation - dependent on task selected

Analysis - 2 hours

Evaluation - 2 hours

LT Mosaic of the Moon at Quarter Phase


Activity Notes : MS Word Format or PDF Format

Go Observing to get suitable observations.

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Please note that over the weekend of the 26-29th May 2017 we will be switching over to our brand new website - during this time there may be periods where the site is difficult to access, it will not be possible to register with the website, and users will be unable to request observations from the telescope. Please bear with us during this time. All should be back up and running by the 30th May 2017.