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Name : Moonsaic

Description :

The Moonsaics are Keystage 2/3 activity to assemble large pictures of the Moon, at different phases, using a mosaic of lunar observations taken by the Liverpool Telescope. Each of the pictures required a mosaic of between 60 and 100 telescope observations. These were later combined digitally and then split into a number of JPEG images that can be printed out and put back together during the workshop - a bit like a jigsaw puzzle.

Age Range : 7 - 14 years

Workshop Time : 1 hour

LT Mosaic of the Moon at Quarter Phase


For each project you will need to download a set of teacher notes, and the relevant JPEG images.

Teacher Notes : MS Word Format or PDF Format

Data Files :

Mosaic of a Last Quarter phase Moon 20 JPEGsFeb 2007 Data for Download
Mosaic of a Crescent Moon 18 JPEGsFeb 2007 Data for Download
Mosaic of a Full Moon 36 JPEGsFeb 2007 Data for Download
Mosaic of a First Quarter phase Moon 30 JPEGsDec 2008 Data for Download


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