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Using LTImage

LTImage Software

The NSO's very own LTImage is an image processing tool that allows users to view and analyse images from the Liverpool Telescope.

When the NSO was being developed, it was decided that the freely available image processing software was too complex for use in schools. As such, we decided to create our own software, which aims to simplify the process of analysing image data from astronomical telescopes.

LTImage can work with all image data that are in the FITS image format. This means that it can work with images from most professional telescopes around the world.

We have created a screencast movie to guide users through the process of using LTImage. To see the screencast, or to download the LTImage software, please click on the following links:

Download LTImage
Download some example images
View the LTImage screencasts


Please note that over the weekend of the 26-28th May 2017 we will be switching over to our brand new website - during this time there may be periods where the site is difficult to access, and users will be unable to request observations from the telescope. Please bear with us during this time. All should be back up and running by the 29th May 2017.